Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy

Fear is a natural response to danger. Panic disorder is a term used to describe the occurrence of intense fear for no obvious reason. Once experienced, there is often a fear of future panic attacks.

When panic strikes without any obvious danger, it can hold us back from doing things, and can greatly affect our self confidence, leaving us to ponder where these intense feelings came from. Often this thought pattern in itself is unhelpful, because we may never work out where these feelings have come from, on our own. For this reason it can lead to an escalation of fear or despondency, because if we donít know where these feelings have come from, how can we stop them happening in the future?
Panic attacks can be very frightening and can be accompanied by a strong desire to escape the situation. A natural response to a frightening event can be to avoid similar situations in the future. Avoidance however is often unhelpful, as it prevents us from ever proving that our fears are unfounded. This can lead to us isolating ourselves and can solidify our sense that the world is a frightening place. Itís easy to see therefore how a negative downward cycle can develop.

The 12 week programme uses CBT techniques as well as mindfulness to overcome panic attacks in a structured way. We look at unhelpful thinking styles, core beliefs, the "thinking ?feeling connection", as well as meditation techniques and mindfulness exercises, to keep our attention where we want it to be.

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