Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy

Most people experience anxiety from time to time. In fact it is estimated that 1 in 5 people experience significant anxiety at some point in their lives.

Social Anxiety refers to the stress that occurs in response to social situations. It can be so intense as to lead us to avoid these situations eniterely. Fear of negative evaluation or embarrassment is common with Social Anxiety. The physical effects experienced can be an increased heart beat, sweating, muscular tension and a decrease in the activity of the digestive system.

There is no simple cause for Social Anxiety. Biological and Psychological factors can contribute to both the cause and the maintenance of Social Anxiety. It seems we "learn" to fear certain situations, and we need to "unlearn" these patterns of thinking and behaviour, in order to grow beyond our anxiety. Social Anxiety is maintained because we focus on the negative aspects of an event, (through negative thinking styles) which in turn re-affirms our belief that something is threatening.

Avoidance solves the immediate short term problem but contributes to a greater, longer term problem in that we never get to disprove out negative assumptions.

The 12 week programme uses CBT techniques as well as mindfulness to overcome Social Anxiety in a structured way. We look at unhelpful thinking styles, core beliefs, the "thinking ?feeling connection", as well as meditation techniques and mindfulness exercises, to keep our attention where we want it to be.

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